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CIEE Arts and Sciences Program in Legon, Ghana
Legon, Ghana (Outgoing Program)
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Program Sponsor: CIEE 
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Academic Year 2019-2020 02/01/2019
Rolling Admission TBA TBA
Spring 2020 05/01/2019
Rolling Admission 01/23/2020 05/25/2020

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CIEE Arts and Sciences Program in Legon, Ghana



This program offers wonderful opportunities, in the classroom and in the community, for students interested in critical issues of public health, development, and African history and culture. Through these mechanisms you will become participants in, and a contributor to, Ghanaian intellectual, cultural, and social life.

                      CIEE Program in Ghana     

Study abroad in Legon and you will:
  • Get to know life in West Africa by living with a Ghanaian family, volunteering with a local organization, doing an internship, or simply observing day to day life
  • Directly enroll in a wide range of courses, including West African performing arts, Twi language, African studies, social work, politics, economics, and religion
  • Experience firsthand the issues challenging Ghana today by enrolling in the CIEE Development Studies Track
  • Receive support from CIEE Staff and CIEE-trained University of Ghana “U-Pal” students, as well as CIEE led travel excursions to different parts of the country
  • Enjoy CIEE-led travel excursions
Approved Departments

African & African-American Studies
Anthropology & Archaeology
International & Area Studies
Religious Studies

3.0 GPA
1 African Studies Course


Eligibility Requirements


Approved Departments
African & African-American Studies
Anthropology & Archaeology
International & Area Studies
Religious Studies


Minimum GPA

Prerequisite Requirement
At least 1 African Studies course completed. The course must be taken for a grade and have a strong focus and content on the African continent.





The academic program in Legon integrates study with Ghanaian students and immersion into the cultural and social life of the university and the surrounding community. 

Total recommended credit for the semester is 15–18 semester/22.5–27 quarter hours.

Language of Instruction: English, Twi

Program Requirements: Students take the required Twi language course. In addition, students take a minimum of four courses chosen from the regular offerings at the University of Ghana. Students are required to take at least one course in a subject related to Africa. Students may also take the CIEE Seminar on Living and Learning as an elective.
Academic Culture: Teaching methods at the University normally involve a combination of lectures, tutorials, seminars, and also laboratory classes for, the sciences courses.

Students often notice striking differences between their home educational system and the Ghanaian system. Following the British model, this system offers a less structured environment that requires students to take greater responsibility and initiative. Learning by rote is the model most often used in classes. This entails professors reading from notes or books, with the expectation that students copy word for word their recitation. Most classes at the University of Ghana are very large, thus making classroom interaction with the professor very rare.



Legon, Ghana
Legon is a fairly quiet suburb about 20 minutes north of the capital city, Accra, and roughly 30 minutes from the coast and its beautiful beaches. The sprawling University campus and its many students comprise a large portion of the town. A large shopping mall is located roughly 10 minutes away, and several grocery stores are easily accessible to students. There are local restaurants and bars within the Legon area that many students enjoy.



Student Life

Housing: Students have the choice of two housing options.
On-Campus Dormitory—Students are placed in a University of Ghana dormitory on campus that is shared with either a CIEE, Ghanaian, or  other international student. The students share double rooms and basic kitchen facilities. Students can prepare their own meals with the limited cooking facilities in the dormitory or eat at establishments on or off campus. Students living on campus can expect fewer amenities and more basic accommodations but do benefit from close interaction with Ghanaian and other African peers.
Homestay with Ghanaian Family—This option provides an excellent opportunity for immersion into the local culture and is strongly recommended for students who wish to take full advantage of their experience in Ghana.  Since homestay families are located throughout greater Accra (beyond Legon), in most cases students are required to utilize public transportation to and from the University, a  30- to  40-minutes commute.

Volunteering and Community Service: Give back to your host community through various community involvement opportunities. You may volunteer in local businesses, social services, and cultural institutions, as well as assist in local schools.

Excursions: The academic program is supplemented with field trips and excursions to various points of interest. Past semesters have included field trips and excursions to Kumasi, Dodi Island, Elmina, Cape Coast, Aburi Botanical Gardens, and the Wli Falls in the Volta Region, as well as day trips to the National Museum, the Dubois Center, and the Nkrumah Mausoleum.


Ghana 5
Ghana 4

Estimated Program Price: When you study abroad for a semester or a year for academic credit, you will be charged tuition by Washington University at a rate equivalent to tuition on campus for the corresponding time period. WU tuition covers only the educational and administrative costs of the study abroad program. WU tuition does not cover any study abroad program costs for room, board, transportation, personal expenses, passport or visa fees. Such costs are charged separately either by WU, the program sponsor, or a third party.

Email the appropriate Overseas Programs Coordinator, visit us during our walk-in hours, join us for an information session, or call (314) 935-5958 to schedule an appointment.


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