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Programs : Brochure

This page is the brochure for your selected program. Questions? Email the appropriate Program Advisor listed below.
  • Locations: Brussels, Belgium; London, United Kingdom
  • Program Terms: Fall, Spring
  • Restrictions: WUSTL applicants only
  • Budget Sheets: Fall, Spring
Dates / Deadlines:
Dates / Deadlines:
Term Year App Deadline Decision Date Start Date End Date
Spring 2020 05/01/2019
Rolling Admission 01/02/2020 05/23/2020
NOTE: Generally speaking, flights from the UK are overnight, arriving a day later than departure.Therefore, students departing from the US to the UK should depart on January 1.
Fall 2020 02/01/2020 ** Rolling Admission TBA TBA

** Early application is strongly recommended for all programs. Deadlines that fall on a weekend or holiday are automatically extended to the next workday.

Deadline has passed
Program Description:
BSBA London Internship Abroad
An Internship Experience Placement Program


  Students have the opportunity to combine classroom learning with a full-time internship in London often in areas of business, government or non-profit organizations. Olin will work to place you in a suitable internship that meets the field or industry for which you have the academic back and interested, e.g. finance, marketing. In addition your academics and internship, you will complete research paper which will be due toward the end of your program (late December or mid May, depending on term abroad). The London Internship Program is available both Fall and Spring semesters; however, there are significant differences in programming and academics depending on the term you participate. This is an application, interview, and placement program, meaning that Olin cannot guarantee placements with specific companies or departments with the industry you have requested.
Eligibility: Students must meet all eligibility requirements, including a minimum 3.0 GPA and Junior standing by program start date. The International Internship Programs are open to all Olin juniors and seniors who have completed equivalent of 4 semesters of course work (60 units). BSBA students and second majors or minors must have completed the prerequisite courses that relate to the field or industry in which they want to intern, e.g., finance placements require FIN 340, marketing placements require MKT 370, etc.  Completion of MEC 292 is a specific requirements for any second major or minor. There is a minimum GPA requirement of a 3.0 in your overall course work and a 3.0 in your professional course work.  Selection is based on maturity, seriousness of purpose, and appropriateness of match between program and applicant.

Program Dates:
Term Dates
Fall Late Augst - Mid December
Spring Early January - Late May
There are significantly fewer Washington University students participating in the fall program; however, this is not indicative that you are more likely to receive a better internship placement. Students participating in the Fall program have different course offerings than those participating on the Spring program and take courses at the ACCENT Study Center alongside students from other US institutions. Spring students also take courses taught at the ACCENT Study Center; however, will primarily be taking courses with other Washington University students. Additionally, students participating in the Fall program likely do not participate in a European Study Tour (dependent upon a minimum enrollment).  Any European Study Tour offered in the fall is modified and may not include 2 separate travel trips as the Spring program. The internship timeline also varies. Students participating in the fall semester generally work at their internship for the entire length of the semester abroad, complimenting their honors at the internship with hours in class. Students going abroad in the spring semester generally participate in their internship M-Thursday for second half of the semester, full time, with some classes on Fridays.
The Internship/Work Experience Placement integrates a broad range of partner organisations, some of which having been part of the program for many years and emanating from such diverse fields as finance, business, consulting, sports, arts, fashion, politics, property, or society. Our partners are big multinational firms but also small non-profit outfits with just 5 employees. 

Students spend the first portion of the program participating in courses at the ACCENT London Study Center. The second half of the program will be devoted to a near-full time work placement (Mondays to Thursdays), starting in early march and finishing in mid-May; a total of 10 weeks. During the time of the internship, students will be taking an additional course on Fridays or in the evenings and completing a significant research project. Students should be mindful that this program may not be suitable for students wishing to travel around Europe each weekend as work responsibilities will be prioritized. Students do not have the opportunity to select courses and will tentatively earn the below credit:
Fall 2020 (tentative)  Spring 2020 (2021 tentative) 
B99 420 (3 units), Business Research Program: Research paper and oral presentation at end of program (WU Credit) B99 420 (3 units), Business Research Program: Research paper and oral presentation at end of program
MGT 450I (1.5 units) International Internship: Online course designed to deepen overall learning gained from internship (WU Credit) MGT 450I (1.5 units) International Internship: Online course designed to deepen overall learning gained from internship
MGT 450Z (1.5 units) European Study Tour* see "Key Differences" (WU Credit) MGT 450Z (1.5 units): European Study Tour
L99 301 I (3 units): International Studies or 300+ distribution requirements (Society & Space in London) taught through the ACCENT Study Center (Transfer Credit, not toward GPA) L99 301 I: International Studies or 300+ distribution requirements (Transfer Credit, not toward GPA)
Britain and the E.U. (3 units):300+ distribution or advanced electives taught through the ACCENT Study Center  (Transfer Credit, not toward GPA) FIN 420* or MKT 477L*: Choose between Int'l Economics & Finance or Int'l Marketing. FIN 420 is formally known as FIN 400G Financial Markets & Instruments
3 units of 300+ distribution or advanced electives taught through the ACCENT Study Center from possible offerings including: (Transfer Credit, not toward GPA) MGT 400S (3 units): International Business Environment
- The London Music Scene (Humanities/Int'l Stu)
- London Museums (Int'l Studies)
- Theatre in London (Humanities/Int'l Stu)
- British Cinema (Int'l Stu)
- Comparative Healthcare: UK and US (Int'l Stu)
- Comparative Media: UK and US (Int'l Stu)
WashU credit for all courses above.

* A minimum number of enrollees must be met in order for each class to be on offer. Following the application cycle, students will be notified if the minimum is not met and provided an opportunity to discuss options for elective credit.

Internship/Work Experience Placement
Working in London to gain experience is fundamentally different from the internship culture prevalent in the US.  While bigger international firms have offered American-style internships for a long time, the whole concept of advancing one’s resume outside of university is often only a recent development in Europe. As such, the emphasis is more on getting exposure and an understanding of a work culture. The process of matching a student and organization is a two-way street, but to a significant degree it is the choice of the partner organization to decide which student will meet their need most. As such, the majority of work placements are awarded through a competitive interview process. In short, while it is sometimes true that successful students are able to choose the organization, the opposite is also true: sometimes the organisation chooses the student. It is important to keep in mind that this is an internship placement program as opposed to an internship selection program; students do not always have the opportunity to choose where they would like to be placed.
European Study Tour
Students on the Paris internship program in the Spring semester participate in the European Study Tour, a 1.5 credit hour mandatory course. The EST serves as a comprehensive introduction to the European Union and European markets. The EST is designed to develop research, analysis and presentation skills in an experiential format allowing for students to apply theory, concepts and skills gained at Olin to consulting-type exercises abroad. This course requires travel outside of your study abroad host country during two different weeks. Teams of two students are assigned an important business topic and an EU capital. You and your partner travel to the country, conduct interviews with government officials and business experts, and complete as much on-the-ground research as possible. During part two of the study tour, you and your fellow participants gather in Brussels to attend lectures and meetings with European Parliament members and debate your findings with fellow study abroad students at a mock parliament. There is an additional cost for the logistics of this program. This program may or may not be offered during the Fall semester. 
  London, United Kingdom
London, needing no introduction, is the largest city in the UK and is the banking and financial center of the country. London offers countless art institutions, important historical sites, as well as major professional sports. 

The ACCENT London Study Center is located in the heart of Bloomsbury, on Bedford Square, a central London district rich in cultural heritage. It saw the birth of literary and artistic movements such as the Pre-raphaelites. The Center is near the University of London campus and is just a few blocks away from the British Museum, home to some six million objects covering the story of human culture and one of the greatest museums in the world. The busy shopping and nightlife streets of Covent Garden and Soho are just a few minutes’ walk from the Center.
  Housing: Students will live in flats (apartments) located in central London, within walking distance or a short tube/bus ride from the ACCENT Study Center. In the Fall, Olin students may live with students from other US and international universities. Spring abroad students generally live with other Washington University participants. Students do not have the opportunity to select external housing. Students are housed in large, shared apartments in twin or triple bedrooms. All apartments include a fully-equipped kitchen, shared bathrooms, a living room space, wireless internet and basic cleaning service.
Student Life: Students take courses at the London Study Center and therefore do not attend a traditional university with student clubs and organizations. ACCENT can help students find ways to engage with the local culture, but students may have to intentionally seek out such opportunities . ACCENT offers outings and tours around the city. They will also organize two or three one day excursion outside London at no additional cost to students. Some of the trips may be required as part of the academic component of the program. Students are also deeply immersed in the culture through their internship, where they connect with their colleagues, often meeting other British interns.

On-Site Support: Olin's logistical and academic partner in London is ACCENT. ACCENT staff are available to assist students in areas where support is needed. ACCENT is an international education organization that works with over 50 American colleges and universities to provide high quality study abroad programs. ACCENT students come from all over the U.S. and represent a wide range of ages, education levels and academic interests.  

  Estimated Program Price: When you study abroad for a semester or a year for academic credit, you will be charged tuition by Washington University at a rate equivalent to tuition on campus for the corresponding time period. WU tuition covers only the educational and administrative costs of the study abroad program. WU tuition does not cover any study abroad program costs for room, board, transportation, personal expenses, passport or visa fees. Such costs are charged separately either by WU, the program sponsor, or a third party. Scroll to the top and select the appropriate term under "Budget Sheets" to view estimated program expenses.

Orientation: All students participating in Olin semester programs are required to enroll and participate in pre-departure (INTL 300A, 05. credit) and post-departure (INTL300B, 0.5 credit online while abroad) coursework. A non-credit pre-departure orientation will be required for all students on fall programs. A mandatory on-sire orientation will also provide students with an introduction to the city, academic and internship expectations, and other opportunities.
Visas & Immigration: The UK generally requires students to obtain a Tier 4 visa prior to entering the country. Students are responsible for obtaining their visa and must supply specific information to ACCENT during the application process. ACCENT will then prepare a "CAS" letter, which you will use to then apply for your Tier 4 visa immediately upon receipt. This is a lengthy process so students must stay on top of deadlines. Students should research the process immediately upon admission to the program. Students who do not hold a US passport will be require to show recent proof of English language skills, which will likely require taking a test to show proficiency. The TOEFL test through ESL is not sufficient proof in the UK. Given the differences for each country and student status, coordinators are limited in their ability to offer visa guidance. See the Global Programs handbook for more details.   

Olin Global Programs: The Olin Global Programs website provides additional information on academic policies, health insurance abroad, contact information for peer global ambassadors, and other critical information. 


Email the appropriate Global Programs Coordinator (listed at the top of the page), visit us during our on-call hours, join us for an information session, or call (314) 935-6315 to schedule an appointment. Program information subject to change.