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Programs : Brochure

This page is the brochure for your selected program. Questions? Email the appropriate Program Advisor listed below.
  • Locations: Paris, France; Rome, Italy
  • Program Terms: Spring
  • Restrictions: WUSTL applicants only
  • Budget Sheets: Spring
Dates / Deadlines:

There are currently no active application cycles for this program.
Program Description:
BSBA Business in Europe
Multi-Country (France & Italy)
  This semester program brings Olin Business School students to France and Italy to study small and family business and the unique social, economic, and cultural factors that characterize the development of these two key G7 economies. Through a hands-on consulting project, students will meet local SME business leaders to analyze the way in which family ownership, control, and management affect a local company’s performance.

Family businesses are an integral part of the global economy, particularly in the EU, home to 14 million family businesses providing over 60 million jobs. From major conglomerates to the small and medium enterprises that drive many industries, it is crucial to understand the strategies, business models, and leadership structures that allow family businesses to thrive. This is a Spring only program.  
Eligibility: Students must meet all eligibility requirements, including a minimum 3.0 GPA. Sophomores may be considered for this program. This program is open to BSBA students and second majors in the Business School who have not taken OB360. Students must have successfully completed either MKT 370 or MEC 290 prior to departure.

Program Dates:
Term Dates
Spring Early-January - Early May
This program is custom designed for Olin students to meet core curriculum requirements and to bring students in contact with the local business environment in both France and Italy. Students will earn a total of 15 credits; 7.5 credits in Paris, 7.5 credits in Rome. All classes on this program count toward the WashU GPA with the exception of 21st Century Europe, which not count towards a student's GPA.
  • 21st Century Europe: New Demographics, Values and Tension on the Old Continent (FRANCE)
    • L99 301, International Studies Distribution (3 credits): This course provides students with a general introduction to historical facts, economical models, demographical shifts, political frontiers and governmental systems structuring the current political systems in Europe, with a special concentration on the states of the EU. 
  • European Study Tour (FRANCE):
    • B53 MGT 450Z (1.5 credits) See below for description and details. 
  • Organizational Behavior within the Firm (FRANCE):
    • B66 OB 360P (3 credits) Fulfills WashU requirement for OB 360
  • Family Business in Europe (ITALY):
    • B99 INTL 321, Group B OSM Elective, General Business Credit (3 credits): This course addresses the governance and management of established family businesses. It examines succession, values, life cycles, philanthropy and other topics that uniquely touch family business governance, and management.
  • Consulting Project with Small and Family Businesses (ITALY)
    • B99 INTL 322 (1.5 credits). General Business Credit. See below for description and details. 
  • Applying International Experiences (ONLINE)
    • B99 300B (0.5 credits)
Students will choose one of the below electives:
  • Game Theory for Business (ITALY)
    • B54 MEC 370R (3 credits). Fulfills WashU requirement for Game Theory. This course provides an introduction to game theory with an emphasis on applications that are most relevant to business strategy.
  • Strategic European Luxury Fashion Management (ITALY)
    • B55 MKT 430, Marketing Group B elective (3 credits). Fulfills WashU elective for Marketing major. Cannot receive credit for this course if you have already completed MKT 450F- Luxury Goods. 
Consulting Project
The program will culminate with a capstone consulting project linked to the courses taught throughout the semester in Paris and Rome. In small groups, students will be assigned a small- or medium-sized family business operating in the Rome region and challenged to explore issues related to strategic management, governance, leadership, and culture in order to identify and analyze a problem within the organization and propose dynamic solutions.

European Study Tour
Students on the Paris - Rome program participate in the European Study Tour, a 1.5 credit hour mandatory course. The EST serves as a comprehensive introduction to the European Union and European markets. The EST is designed to develop research, analysis and presentation skills in an experiential format allowing for students to apply theory, concepts and skills gained at Olin to consulting-type exercises abroad. This course requires travel outside of your study abroad host country during two different weeks. Teams of two students are assigned an important business topic and an EU capital. You and your partner travel from Paris to the assigned country, conduct interviews with government officials and business experts, and complete as much on-the-ground research as possible. During part two of the study tour, you and your fellow participants gather in Brussels to attend lectures and meetings with European Parliament members and debate your findings with fellow study abroad students at a mock parliament. There is an additional cost for the logistics of this program.
  Paris, France
France is the second largest economy in Europe and a leading voice in debate on the economic policies and political future of the European Union. ACCENT Paris is located in the central and vibrant Bastille neighborhood, located in the 11th arrondissement, filled local cafes, markets, and restaurants, quiet residential squares and lively commercial avenues. 
  Rome, Italy
Family firms represent 85% of businesses in Italy and 70% of employment. Compared to other European markets, Italy has the highest portion of these businesses managed directly by family members, 66% compared to only 26% in France. ACCENT Rome is located in the heart of the historic center, on the quiet Piazza dell’Orologio, halfway between the Vatican and Piazza Navona. The historic building was originally conceived in the 17th century as the headquarters of the Vatican Bank.
Students will attend classes at the ACCENT Study Centers in both Paris and Rome. While all students in class will be Olin students, other students at the Study Centers come from all over the U.S. and represent a wide range of ages, education levels and academic interests. Study Centers are classroom spaces uniquely designed for abroad students and students do not take classes with local students; therefore, students may need to be more intentional about meeting locals as opposed to being at a university. Extensive practical and cultural information is available at the Study Centers allowing participants to take full advantage of their time overseas: travel guides and information, a lending library of English and local-language books (both academic and fiction), and listings of practical locations of banks, doctors, laundry facilities, etc. 
  • Paris, France: All students will live with French families, each of which has been carefully selected to host U.S. students during programs abroad. Homestays provide students with first-hand perspective on home life in France and provide an unmatched opportunity for cultural observation and language learning. Students often reflect on the homestay experience as a highlight of the semester abroad! Homestays provide daily breakfast and four dinners per week. Students with food allergies or dietary restrictions will be placed with families who share similar habits or who otherwise demonstrate understanding of the particular diet and its significance.
  •  Rome, Italy: Students can elect to continue in a homestay with an Italian family, an experience that ideally complements the Small & Family Business coursework and consulting project, or to be placed in a shared student apartment with other Olin program participants. Shared apartment kitchen facilities include a stove-top, refrigerator, oven or microwave, washing machine, cooking utensils and dishes. Everyone in the apartment shares kitchen facilities, as well as bathrooms.

Student Life: ACCENT will plan a series of optional free or inexpensive activities which varies but often includes lectures on local customs and contemporary issues, sports events, walking tours, and dinners. They will also organize two one-day excursions, including train and local transportation, a group meal, and entrance fees, to a site outside of Paris and Rome.

On-Site Support: Olin's academic and logistical partner in Paris and Rome is ACCENT. ACCENT staff not only organize the on-site orientations at the start of the program, but also organizes housing logistics, activities, and are available to assist students in other areas where support is needed. ACCENT is an international education organization that works with over 50 American colleges and universities to provide high quality study abroad programs. 
  Estimated Program Price: When you study abroad for a semester or a year for academic credit, you will be charged tuition by Washington University at a rate equivalent to tuition on campus for the corresponding time period. WU tuition covers only the educational and administrative costs of the study abroad program. WU tuition does not cover any study abroad program costs for room, board, transportation, personal expenses, passport or visa fees. Such costs are charged separately either by WU, the program sponsor, or a third party. Scroll to the top and select the appropriate term under "Budget Sheets" to view estimated program expenses.

Orientation: All students participating in Olin semester programs are required to enroll and participate in pre-departure (INTL 300A, 0.5 credit) and post-departure (INTL 300B, 0.5 credit online while abroad) coursework.
Visas & Immigration: Students must obtain a student visa for France for the entirety of the semester program in Europe. ACCENT and Olin will provide the necessary letters documenting participation in the program and students will be responsible for obtaining their own visas. This is a multi-step process that you should begin immediately upon admission. Students should bring their passport to campus with them at the beginning of the semester prior to departure. Olin will direct you through the steps to apply for a visa, but ultimately it is your responsibility. Students should research the process immediately upon admission to the program. Given the differences for each country and student status, coordinators are limited in their ability to offer visa guidance. See the Global Programs handbook for more details. 

Olin Global Programs: The Olin Global Programs website provides additional information on academic policies, health insurance abroad, contact information for peer global ambassadors, and other critical information. 


Email the appropriate Global Programs Coordinator (listed at the top of the page), visit us during our on-call hours, join us for an information session, or call (314) 935-6315 to schedule an appointment. Program information subject to change.